In 2004 Gaia Adducchio studies film directing at FAMU, the National Film School of Prague. After numerous prizes for both her documentary and fictional works, she gains two MIBACT funding-awards: in 2009 for the realization of a documentary and in 2010 for the developing of a feature film. In 2013 she starts studying photography at the CSF Adams in Rome. In 2015 she works on her first theatrical direction “The oath” at Teatro Studio 1, again in Rome.

In 2016 she attends a permanent workshop for play-writers at Atir Teatro Ringhiera in Milan.

In 2015/16 she wins an artistic residence at CSF Adams, which leads to the realization of her first analog photography project “Family Portraits” debuting during Prague Photo 2016. “Family Portraits” gains a special mention at the first Biennale di Arte Moderna di Perugia; is shown during the collective exhibition “Woman’s essence” in Paris, during the collective show “Portraits without faces” at Ph21 Gallery, in Budapest, Hungary; it’s part of the traveling exhibition “ExpoPhoto 2017- Italy: taste of beauty” in Rome, Lishui (China), Naples, Milan and Turin. In December 2020 it’s part of two virtual exhibitions: “Identity” at the Pepney Gallery, Cavan, Ireland; “Out of Body” on the online platform Stoa Collective.

“Naked:#she”, her second photographic project, is shown at Prague Photo 2017; during the collective exhibition “We Contemporary” organized by Musa International Art Space, taking place both in Rome and Kiev, Ukraine; during the collective exhibition EOS at MPGArt Gallery in Vittoria, Sicily; represents Italian photography in the world at the 17th edition of  CIPAE – China International Art Fair that takes place during the China International Photographic Art Festival in Zhengzhou – Henan – China; is selected to be part of Emerging Talent 2018/19. In May a selection is shown during the art exhibition “Secondo Natura” at Palazzo Spadaro, Scicli, Sicily. In February 2020 it’s exhibited at Grand Palais in Paris during Salon Comparaisons. In August 2021 it’s part of the collective “Emerging Artists 2021” at Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA.

Her third project “Étoiles” debuted during Prague Photo 2018 and attended the eighth edition of Cascina Farsetti Art, at Palazzo Velli Expo. In February 2019 it is shown at the Grand Palais in Paris during the Salon Comparaisons exhibition. In August it’s part of the collective exhibition “Fuori Luogo” by the curatorship of Dott. Carlo Gallerati for Galleria Gallerati in Forte Marghera, Venice.  In October 2019 a selection is shown at Salon d’Automne in Paris.

In March 2019 she realizes her first solo exhibition at Kromart Gallery, in Rome, while her latest project “Polaroid blooming” debuts at Prague Photo 2019.

In September 2019 her second solo exhibition “Totem” curated by the art historian Dott.ssa Beatrice Luzi is taking place at Art G.A.P. Gallery in Rome.

In October 2020 a selection from “Polaroid Blooming” is part of the virtual edition of Salon d’Automne in Paris, which has physically been cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions, and participates to the on-line exhibition “restART” organized by Kaos 48 in Naples, curated by Fabrizio Scomparin and Paola Cimmino. In December it gains a Merit Award during the “Painting & Photography” art exhibition at the Art Room Gallery, a contemporary online art gallery based in Berlin. From January to April 2021 it’s also part of the virtual collective “New Surrealism” at Dailë Galerie, curated by Adila Ben and Rodshir Dailë.

In September 2021 the new solo exhibition “Polaroid” curated by the art historian Dott.ssa Beatrice Luzi with works exclusively from “Polaroid Blooming” is scheduled at Art G.A.P. Gallery in Rome.

In October of the same year she is invited as guest of honour to the 13th Prague Photo edition, exhibiting her work as a solo artist during the international photographic kermess.